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When you make your mind to embark upon an expedition whether, for leisure or work purposes, it is always better to take time ahead of the journey and do some much-needed planning. We understand that planning for a journey is not just about the places where you want to go but it also includes some important items which you must have with you.


There are instances while travelling where one does get overwhelmed by multiple other things. So, if there is a checklist available in which all necessary items are mentioned, that can be incredibly helpful. So, to take away the stress of making that checklist from you, we at Cranford Minicabs have formed a checklist of necessary items.

  1. While making a journey within the country or abroad it is always advised to keep all your identity documents with you.
  2. If you are travelling via plane it is always best to have your tickets with you. In case you are travelling with family, it can be further useful if tickets of the whole family are in one place. Thus reducing the risk of misplacing them at last time.
  3. For long flights, you must be dressed as comfortably as possible. Moreover, keeping extra clothes for long flights is also a good option.
  4. During flights, you are offered many entertainment options for yourself or kids but the understanding you have of yours and your family preferences is far better. So, you must keep with you entertainment options be it your favourite book or any toys your children like.
  5. If you have any health-related issue then it is best to keep your prescription and medicines with you whenever you are travelling.

These are some of the items to make your journey feasible for you. You can always add or deduct things from this list as per your choices. For us, at Cranford Minicab your comfort always comes first. So, this is our little effort to reduce your travel-related hassles.

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