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If you’re looking to take stellar pictures for your social media? Edmonton is abundant with picture-perfect and Instagrammable sceneries that are just waiting to be taken. Barely scratching on the surface of the best places to take photos in Edmonton, here are a few of the best local spots. And don’t worry, these aren’t high-traffic over visited locations. Rather, they’re the everyday places that are sometimes overlooked by the average Joe.

Forest Heights Park

The Forest Heights Park viewpoint is appealingly romantic. Just looking at the skyline and river valley view you lose your breath! Before exiting, saunter down the track that runs along the park. Because of the high height, you’ll get amazing views of the river valley the entire time.

Ramsay Heights Look Out

Once it was an area of a catastrophe during a 1999 avalanche, the Ramsay Heights neighbourhood is now home to one of the greatest vantage points in the city. The curve in the river forms the shape of a textbook horseshoe, and with its western disclosure, the sunset looks astonishing from there.

Muttart Conservatory

The Muttart Conservatory is one of Edmonton’s most exceptional looking temptations that house botanical grounds in four glass pyramids.  The Muttart Conservatory from spots like Gallagher Hill or the Edmonton Convention Centre is no doubt an exceptional view but nothing beats getting up close and personal.

*Note: The Muttart Conservatory is secured for restorations till initial 2021, but you can still snap a picture of the outside!*

Keillor Point (End of the World)

The Keillor Point viewpoint sits atop a matured retentive wall beside the bank of the North Saskatchewan River Valley. Until 2018, the viewpoint was judged off-limits due to its instability and the possible danger it posed; however, this didn’t make the locals discontinue from venturing over to this wildcard to catch a glimpse at the remarkable view. As of summer 2019, developments have been made to the observing area and it’s now open and harmless for the public to access.

Graffiti Streetcar Tunnel

The High-Level Bridge Streetcar doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Providing one of the highest river passages by streetcar in the world, the views from the highest deck of the bridge are both outstanding and exciting. The graffiti streetcar tunnel near the Jasper Plaza terminal is the best spot out there filled with complex black and white art.

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